Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Bodybuilding is mentally ill anti social behaviour, similar to being a drag queen

Nick please look please do I look good Nick do i? I’m lifting for you ick please”
This but with political theories



A quick summary of what I’m going to say here, body building is behaviour for approval, you doing it so girls like you (hopefully) and doing things so girls like you can end very badly eg.
all girls are bisexual
all girls like girls
cut off your cock and become a girl.
you see how quickly that happens?


Body builder culture in the mainstream

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📠no 🖨 #gymtok #fyp #back #gym #bodybuilding #fypage #breakup #demontime

♬ yeah pretty much – shaney

^ There’s alot of this stuff, I lift because of a bad breakup, I life because of the demons, I lift because I’m hurt… the takeaway being bodybuilding is caused by trauma (mental illness)


The hardest part of bodybuilding #bodybuilding #fittok

♬ original sound – Sadik Hadzovic

This is also a pretty damning fact about bodybuilding, you have to eat a lot, this guy said 10 years of eating 6 meals a day, to prepare and consume a meal you are looking at 20 minutes to an hour, you’ll spend 2-3 hours / day eating, cooking & cleaning you shouldn’t have that much time to spend on vanity.

Bodybuilding on the right wing

BAP has been around a long time and personally i never got the appeal to this whole sun your balls be naked and gay posting but what has made sense was the idea leaders of men & powerful people should be strong I just don’t think that is the case or has been in a few thousand years, for every powerful man that is strong & sexy you can name there’s 10 that are fat slobs but it doesn’t matter they’re fat slobs they are born smarter and of higher creed than you, you are a prole and need to lift a horse when its injured.

You’ve got to decide what the goal is, if your life goal is to be a sexy nigga and kiss all the girls go ahead and body build, something I hear a lot from those that choose that path is the way to save the white race is to get married, have kids and home school them 1 million immigrants cross the mexico – America border a month your 5 White children is beaten out by some black guys 8 kids to 4 baby mamas any genuine effort to save Americas White population must be by taking political control, halting immigration and probably oppressing White women to fix birth rates.

Larry Coleman isn’t attending WEF Larry Fink is.

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