Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Last night was a total victory for America First candidates running in the midterm elections, awesome to see the Rino faggots get absolutely destroyed.

Great example is Rep. Peter Meijer a soy faced faggot congressman in Michigan who voted to impeach Trump got literally BLACKED in his race.

John Gibbs toasting his supporters after defeating Peter Meijer

Blake Masters the Trump endorsed Arizona US Senate candidate won big last night

Not a huge surprise, even though NPR was reporting he was outspent on ads, he was leading in the polls.

Paul Gosar one of my favorite politicians alive today won big in Arizona’s Ninth Congressional District

Wendy Rogers also won

Kari Lake the Trump endorsed governor candidate for Arizona who was expected to lose in media predictions actually took the lead today.

That will be a big win for sure, it was going to be a tight race but this will embarrass the media after they kept making fun of Trump for his endorsement of her.

There’s a few other wins in Arizona, I’m not going to go over them, you can look up the results without paying for New York Times by using and inputting the link.

What I want to get to is Joe Kent, who was defeated in his race for Washington’s 3rd District.

Honestly I wouldn’t have laughed at him so much if he didn’t come on Twitter to cope about it.

This is too good, I can’t wait until this loser tries his next grift, maybe he’ll try to kiss Nick Fuentes’ ass after whining about him not being an “inclusive populist” aka a faggot CIA spook who cucks to minorities.

Believe it our not the New York Times predicted this just a few days ago, saying that Nick Fuentes had already “Outflanked” Kent.

Pretty funny, Joe Kent just takes major L’s here time and time again. Even gay jewish media outlets like NYT are willing to admit Nick is smarter, and more influential than Joe Kent.

Anyway that’s my summary of the midterms, I promised I’d put out an article about it, I really just wanted to let you laugh at Joe “CIA Spook” Kent.

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