Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Here’s the thing folks, I know, and you know, that elections here in the US are a total joke anymore, we know that there is fraud, and obviously with them still using these mail-in ballots in mass amounts across the country it’s no surprise that there will be fraud. However, it was expected that even with some voter fraud that the republicans would have some victories here, maybe even taking the senate. The senate as of right now is still up for grabs, I’m going to be watching this closely, it could be weeks though until we see what happens there, and it could come down to just Georgia since the senate election there is going to a runoff election on December, 6th. I want to answer the question in the title though, are republicans losing? Let’s see the results:

First off, I find it absolutely ridiculous that John Fetterman won his senate election in Pennsylvania, while I understand Oz was not the best candidate, Fetterman is a stroke victim who can barely speak, and showed this once again at his victory speech last night.

I seriously couldn’t believe that the same moron who campaigned wearing hoodies looking like some wannabe Hell’s Angels biker actually won his election, but there it is. When I looked into who was actually voting for him, it became much less surprising.

That’s right Pennsylvania, you can thank minorities (surprise! surprise!) for even more of your problems, you now have an actual mentally retarded stroke victim as your senator.

In my great State of Texas, Abbott defeated Beto O’Rourke for another term as governor.

J.D. Vance won his senate seat in Ohio, and I’m watching Kari Lake, and Blake Masters in Arizona. With all of the slowdowns in Arizona I’m not sure when those results are going to be complete.

We really need Kari Lake to win to further position Trump as the 2024 candidate, it’s actually an important, and probably the most important governor election right now. Especially with DeSantis’ re-election in Florida which is all the mainstream GOP media wants to talk about right now.

So let’s talk about it here…

The reason that DeSantis’ re-election was such a big deal last night was actually really just because of one county. Miami-Dade County went red, which really doesn’t happen ever, considering they are plagued by gays, and jews. Both of which DeSantis loves, one of which he pretends not to.

This really overshadowed the entire night to be honest, people wouldn’t stop talking on Fox News about this, and they started to talk about how it would “shift the political landscape” and they’re right actually about that, the difference is, they love it, I hate it.

The fact is DeSantis cannot possibly win in 2024, I’ve probably written 3-4 articles now showing you polling from CPAC, and literally everywhere else I can find a poll. Trump has the clear win here, and not just by objective standards. He is legitimately the better candidate. His foreign policy is much better, his immigration policies are leagues better, he really just keeps getting…well…better! He has stopped talking about vaccines, he has stood against Israel, and won’t defend Kushner from Kanye, meanwhile DeSantis does nothing but defend the jews.

This promotion of DeSantis as the 2024 candidate is nothing more than an attempt to split the party vote, if people can’t see this by now then they really don’t understand what’s going on at all. Florida is all old people, jews, and brain rotted metheads, you think they really understand politics? No, they don’t.

Between this, and then whatever happens with the senate, I’m really starting to ask if Republicans, specifically conservatives like myself, and the readers of this site are actually losing here. I get it, it is a win that DeSantis was re-elected, but nobody should be surprised or concerned, we need to focus on the senate and the funny business going on at the polls in Maricopa County. Everyone knew that DeSantis would win, now what, we just praise him and ignore what’s going on everywhere else? I’m not having it, boomers need to get the fuck out of the way and get off twitter.

Trump 2024, nothing else.

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