Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

I used to have a lot more respect for Australia as a country and as a people until I’ve met more of them over the past few years, and as I’ve come to known more about their government.

To be completely honest, every single country that is under the commonwealth of England anymore is filled with low-iq dimwits who look retarded. Canada, Australia, whatever the country, they’re all full of morons. If your country has actually elected PM’s that are female then it’s probably retarded. That really is the main issue, Australia and New Zealand have allowed their countries to be taken over in government by women, who have run both to the ground. New Zealand had COVID lockdowns up until the beginning of this year because the crazy woman who ran the place couldn’t give up power.

The US is the same way, the government power is more spread out though, but if you look any one area that is female led it’s a disaster. Michigan was that way with Gov. Whitmer who faked her own kidnapping attempt with the FBI, and also had COVID lockdowns for a ridiculous amount of time.

The blame in this case is to be put on a man.

The reason that this is even in the news at all is really because Ye recently married Bianca Censori who is Australian. He obviously would want to apply for a visa to meet her family, and possibly live there temporarily. I can’t really think of too many other reasons why someone would want to be in a barren shithole other than for family.

Here’s Jason Clare on TV:

I watched the segment they did on people “calling for him to be banned” and it consisted of one tiktok video of a teenage girl talking about seeing him in a bakery there, wow, people really are calling for it. It really speaks everything about your country that when you fill out an application for a visa, one of the requirements is “Have you denied the holocaust?.”

When you become a citizen in most countries you’re supposed to learn about the culture of the country and maybe their language, not learn about an event that if it even happened, doesn’t matter to anyone except the Jews who continue to use it against everyone else. Australia has nothing to do with the Jews.

That’s really the issue with all of the ADL Jew trash that’s been taking over the US. We owe no allegiance to the Jews, and we don’t care about their history. If they want to run media and spin it their way go back to your own country and do it. Trust me, nobody would care if they made it a requirement to enter Israel that you couldn’t ever have denied the holocaust, nobody would go there.

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