Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

If you’re in the loop you know that I did the latest episode of The SBG Show on Throwdown yesterday after coming back from my vacation after I got banned from DLive. (You can watch the replay here)

Basically what happened is on the episode previous before I left I got banned after the show ended because people were spamming nigger in the chat. DLive told me that this was unacceptable and it will probably result in a ban if it continues.

Well, I was willing to go ahead and do it, but, the word nigger is already filtered from the chat, so people are using bypasses which means I have to sit during the stream and have myself (because mods cant do it) add words to my filter during the show.

I’m not willing to do this, and DLive is dead at this point anyway. So I’m moving onto Throwdown.

Throwdown is owned by Rajeev Kapoor who you probably already know since he’s been a viewer of my show for quite a while now. Rajeev reached out to me a while back and gave me free access to the VIP features on throwdown which included longer vod hosting and quicker access to new features. Additionally Spectre, who helps run this website is the managing developer of Throwdown.

It’s a safe platform, owned and operated by people I know and some I even trust. I know it’s not the best, but they’re not going to censor us for the chat issues, or talking about vaccines.

Please consider creating a account and following me at

Additionally you can support the site by purchasing VIP status here –

Make sure you have this website bookmarked so you never miss an update like this, make sure you’re following me on Twitter as well.


(I’m not sponsored by throwdown to post this message, also Throwdown & it’s associates do not necessarily condone/promote anything related to The SBG Show or The SBG Report)

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