Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Joe Biden has now spoken out about the soon to be Chinese takeover of Taiwan, news flash: It’s not good for anybody.

Biden said today in a press conference in Tokyo, Japan that if it comes to it, The US military will attack China in the event of Chinese takeover of Taiwan.

I’ve been talking about this conflict for over a month now saying it would be detrimental to the US economy and of course to no surprise at all, I’m right.

I know I sound like a broken record but just to reiterate: Since we banned Russia from the SWIFT banking system, our currency is becoming worthless as countries will no longer trust the USD for trade. China’s takeover of Taiwan will further destroy our economy (even without us intervening) and will strengthen the Chinese economy and The Yuan.

Of course since we’re going to intervene militarily this will further affect the US economy, I’m sure we’ll pass $40 Billion dollar packages for Taiwan, and loads more for the military.

Personally I’m excited for this. I’m getting to see the destruction of the Jewish controlled Ukraine and seeing Russia restored to it’s former glory, and China will continue to rise to the detriment of our Jewish, Satanic controlled US empire.

Fuck Taiwan, fuck Ukraine. Can’t wait to see them both wiped off the face of the earth and for these faggots to seethe while Putin and Xi rise to their thrones.

By SBGPolitics

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of The SBG Report

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