Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

I’ll update this article when more information is found.

At 2:26 PM CST Buffalo Police announced that there was a mass shooting at a grocery store, the shooter had been arrested. So far according to reports there are 8 dead. UPDATE: 10 dead, 3 injured.

The shooter has been identified as “Payton Gendron” he is 18 years old.

However, this is not your usual shooting. The shooting was livestreamed on twitch while it happened.

Gendron’s attack according to his manifesto (please use a VPN when viewing) was due to white genocide, however after my analysis it looks like a complete false flag.

The details on the shooter, and his manifesto, hell even his social media pages glow. Every single bit of it glows.

Looking further into his manifesto, the entire thing is filled with random /pol/ memes and just your average white genocide talk, it’s nothing special, and that’s not the only thing that glows related to the shooting.

He had prewritten plans he posted on Discord.

First of all, what a fucking idiot using Discord for something like that, secondly, this makes no sense.

If you look further into his socials, he didn’t even seem like someone who was that extreme. He believed in the COVID hoax, and used r/4chan.

To me the most absurd part of the whole thing is how he writes a full manifesto, on jews, and niggers, but then he goes out and shoots some old white lady first.

The gun is weird too, he literally just wrote nigger a few times on the gun

To me it just all seems like a fed op, attack at a random grocery store, prewritten plan out of nowhere, manifesto full of pol memes. He’s 18, and was just some redditor before this. Oh yeah and he turned himself in at the scene. It’s weird, maybe more info will come out and I’ll change my mind but at a glance it doesn’t make sense.

Oh and btw some faggot on pol has the video and is refusing to post it, they just keep posting screenshots. Obviously I will not post it here on my website, keep an eye out on kiwifarms and /pol/.


By SBGPolitics

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of The SBG Report

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Mass Shooting In Buffalo, New York; Possible FED False Flag”
  1. This is a typical ‘Alex Jones’ BS analysis. You should get down on your knees and ask God’s forgiveness for starting such lies. And I hope the victims’ families sue you and bankrupt you, just like the Newtown parents are doing to Alex Jones and anybody else who pushes the same lies.

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