Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

SCIENTISTS are working on a cancer vaccine which will be personalised for individual patients.

The new jab will be used to treat treat patients with high-risk melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer.

The game-changing vaccine, which could prevent thousands of deaths each year, is in the second of three trials.

Manufacturers Moderna and Merck have said results of the trial, which will determine whether it stops cancer coming back, are expected by the end of the year.

The experimental vaccine is based of of the same messenger RNA (mRNA) technology that was used to create the revolutionary Covid vaccines.

The cancer shot is tailored for each patient to generate T-cells – a key part of the body’s immune response – based on the specific mutational signature of each tumour.

The Sun

Everyone knew something like this was next, it just was a matter of what disease it was.

This vaccine according to the article is directed mostly towards skin-cancer patients, specifically Melanoma patients. Which if you have been watching any of my past broadcasts you would have seen how I’ve shown what happens to people’s skin when they take the COVID Clot Shot. Specifically those with immune diseases that apply to the skin (however the shot really can affect any immune system issue).

Cancer and Immune diseases are directly linked with each other, many times cancer forms because the immune system isn’t attacking defective cells.

Obviously it’s way too early to speak since nobody really knows anything about the shot, however, it’s 100% fair to question that after the COVID shot has already affected many, many, many people negatively who have compromised immune systems, then what could happen with this cancer vax?

It’s using the exact same technology as the COVID shot, so, who is to say that outcomes like the woman above and many others, won’t happen again?

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