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When people think of out of control city governments that let citizens (specifically blacks) run rampant stealing, doing drugs, killing, raping, etc. they usually don’t think of Dallas, Texas. However, I’ve lived here my entire life, so I should know better than most by know the reality of the situation. What is that reality? Well, Dallas is absolutely one of the more dangerous, and out of control cities in the U.S.

Now keep in mind, when I talk about Dallas, I’m talking about just the City of Dallas itself not the DFW Metroplex, most of the rich, white suburbs here are safe and are among the most popular places in the country to raise a family. Also, to be completlely fair to the city, their murder rate has gone down this past year. I will note though that Denton is quickly going down the shitter to become the next Austin (in a bad way).

Historically if we look back, Dallas really had a boom in the murder rate in the 90s, which reached a low in 2014 after having to recover for years from some of it’s deadliest days.

What’s more important I believe though is to look at more recent history which has lead to what we have now. In 2016 black lives matter was starting to become more of a mainstream topic, there were marches, and the blacks were getting away with more and more under Obama. This led to what was the deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11 and it happened July, 7, 2016 during a BLM march. What did the blacks do? They celebrated! Of course!

This, in my opinion along with the San Bernadino mass shooting in 2015 both helped Trump’s campaign more and helped lead to his ultimate win in 2016, but also showed the truth about what he was saying, that the muslims coming over, and the inner city areas were out of control.

Moving further along to more recently in 2018 there would be another major problem this time it would be on the fault of an officer. September, 6, 2018, Officer Amber Guyger entered the apartment of Botham Jean which was directly above her apartment. She had just ended a long exhausting shift, and thought she was entering her own apartment. She shot and killed Botham Jean who rushed at her after she opened the door.

Ultimately she was charged with murder, with which I disagree with, but I digress. What matters is that this further advanced the BLM trash in the city and the DPD staff would undergo many changes after this happened, so would city government because of the midterms in 2018. If you ask me, the whole situation might’ve been a psyop to influence the midterms in the city.

Fast forward to April 2019 and the, at the time, newly elected DA John Creuzot decided that the city was going to stop “criminalizing poverty”, whatever the hell that means. Obviously this was pandering to blacks, which as you may know Dallas happens to have a lot of, and more blacks are poor than whites, it’s just a fact! Well his solution to “criminalizing poverty” was to stop criminalizing petty theft, and drug offenses. By the way this guy and the police chief were so bad at their job the governor had to send THE NATIONAL GUARD TO DALLAS BECAUSE OF MURDERS!

Dallas County will move away from “criminalizing poverty,” District Attorney John Creuzot announced Thursday, outlining a reform plan to decriminalize low-level crimes and decrease the use of excessive probation and bail.

In an open letter to the public, Creuzot detailed his plan to curb overly high bail amounts and stop prosecuting most first-time marijuana offenses and some misdemeanors that he believes often stem from poverty.

“When I ran to become your district attorney, I promised you that I would bring changes to our criminal justice system,” Creuzot wrote in the letter. “The changes that I promised will be a step forward in ending mass incarceration in Dallas County, and will make our community safer by ensuring that our limited resources are spent where they can do the most good.”

Dallas Morning News

To put it simply this guy was way ahead of the democrat game, in 2020 we finally started seeing more cities decriminalizing low level theft, which as you know didn’t turn out well, just look at San Francisco.

2020 we saw more disaster in not just Dallas but across the entire nation where riots, looting, etc took place. Looking back though in Dallas here’s just a few articles displaying the ridiculous display of what blacks have to offer for our country.

So after all of that, and more that wasn’t even put on the news, who was held accountable? The police. To be clear I am not a “Blue Lives Matter” person, there’s a lot of asshole cops, but there are good cops as well. Regardless though in this situation the police were not at fault for blacks going crazy and destroying cities. Well the city council didn’t care and they cut millions from the DPD budget. D Magazine even called for an anti-poverty budget to replace the PD budget. Anyone who lives in the real world knows that black people have been given handouts for YEARS. Obama gave them more welfare benefits than any other president. Yet they’re still bums living in the projects.

Just this year the DA actually charged two cops with assault over shooting a bunch of rioters with plastic bullets. Where are the assault charges for the assholes who beat up business owners defending their own stores?

Now we have even more brazen attacks, this year we’ve seen two ridiculous displays of failure by the city’s justice system, that your tax payer money is going to. First, this July, one crazy woman went out with a gun to Love Field and started shooting in the airport over boyfriend issues. This upstanding member of the community robbed a bank just 3 years prior and never got sent to jail.

And now, just a few days ago some idiot went into a hospital where his girlfriend was having a baby, and killed 2 people. This piece of trash was actually out on parole and had an active ankle monitor when he was in the hospital, and worse yet he was arrested TWICE while on parole. Not only that but before he was even arrested he had already gotten in trouble for cutting off his ankle monitor, yet they let him back out.

Why the hell was this guy not put back in prison to serve his sentence? Who gives a shit about mass incarceration like this moron DA keeps talking about, we want these people in jail. Look what happens when they aren’t. Now, this guy is going to sit in a jail wasting your tax money, and possibly death row for another 20 years wasting even more of that money.

Dallas MUST be held accountable.

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