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Oct. 6th, 2021
The latest news on the VACCINE HOLOCAUST comes from Colorado, where now the sentence for being unvaccinated is death for those with life threataning organ issues. 
UCHealth’s argument for this new way of attacking the unvaccinated is citing studies showing how transplant patients are more likely to die from COVID-19 than others. This of course makes no sense considering you can still contract COVID regardless of vaccination status. 
UCHealth in a letter to a kidney transplant patient said the woman had 30 days to be vaccinated against COVID, or else she will be removed off the waiting list for her transplant. 
This policy is just another attack on those fighting against the globalist regime by not accepting their dangerous COVID vaccination. The policy makes absolutely no sense considering that we know regardless of vaccination status it is still extremely possible to contract COVID. Take for example the recent outbreaks of the Delta variant, and other so called “variants” of COVID-19. 
I hope and pray this this latest example of force inoculation by DEATH will wake people up and have more and more people resist this globalist attempt at population control via vaccine.
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