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NEW YORK (AP) — As he played to a crowd of supporters in Robstown, Texas, former President Donald Trump drew cheers as he talked up his first two runs for the White House — and teased a third.

“In order to make our country successful, safe and glorious again, I will probably have to do it again,” he said last month.

That carefully placed “probably” may soon be gone from Trump’s stump speech. Aides to the former president are making quiet preparations for a 2024 presidential campaign that could be launched soon after next week’s midterm elections as Trump tries to capitalize on expected Republican wins to propel himself toward becoming the front-runner for his party’s nomination.

“I’m like 95% he’s going to run,” said Reince Priebus, Trump’s former White House chief of staff. “The real question,” he added, “is are other big challengers going to run? If President Trump runs, he will be very difficult for any Republican to defeat.”


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By all accounts, Florida governor Ron DeSantis is on a glide path to win reelection on November 8. Several recent polls have shown DeSantis with a double-digit lead over his Democratic opponent, former representative Charlie Crist. Which means the biggest question about DeSantis’s political future is not whether he’ll secure a second term in Tallahassee, but whether he’ll challenge Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination. 

For much of the past year, DeSantis has acted like a presidential candidate-in-waiting, leading many to believe he would take on Trump if the former president, as expected, gets in the race. DeSantis pointedly refused to seek Trump’s endorsement for his reelection. And during a debate against Crist last month, he declined to promise he would serve out his full four-year term as governor. DeSantis is also sitting on a campaign war chest of more than $180 million. In a profile of DeSantis for Vanity Fair’s November issue, I reported that DeSantis privately told donors that if he did run, he would launch a full-frontal assault on Trump’s record and competence. 

But according to four prominent Republicans, DeSantis appears to be reconsidering his plans to run. Sources told me DeSantis recently indicated to donors that he would not challenge Trump for the Republican nomination. “He’s led them to believe he will not run if Trump does,” a Republican briefed on the donor conversations told me. Another source told me DeSantis’s calculus is that, at age 44, he can easily wait until the next presidential cycle, so why risk a brutal primary fight against a pugilist like Trump? “He can walk into the presidency in 2028 without pissing off Trump or Florida,” the source said. “What would you rather do? Be the governor of Florida for certain or go run for president?”

Vanity Fair

I have been saying for months that we need Trump to run again, I of course, like many others, was disappointed in the COVID situation and Operation Warpspeed (which is probably something that I will never forgive him for.) However, when it comes down to him or DeSantis, I know for a fact that DeSantis is the bigger cuck in almost every way.

Trump has never been known to compromise, he gets it done, he doesn’t care what republicans think, and he doesn’t care what democrats think, and now he doesn’t even care what Israel thinks.

DeSantis will compromise, and to be honest he gets less, and less based while Trump looks more awesome every passing day. The worst part about DeSantis is he does these attention grabbing stunts (in a bad way) that in my opinion are just half-assed pandering type moves where instead he could be exerting full power in these situations.

I was impressed by DeSantis during COVID, especially considering that Abbott had allowed Texas to be completely shutdown during the pandemic. To see a governor actually flex his power over the CDC, WHO, and private companies trying to have vaccine/mask mandates was great, and he was going all the way with it, which I liked.

However, I realized that while he might be an authoritarian, he’s also authoritarian for Israel. This is not good, and really isn’t much better than what we have right now. Israel runs our news companies, and for the most part social media companies in America, we know this, it’s not a conspiracy. For DeSantis to exert his power by trying to kick Ben and Jerry’s out of Florida because they refused to sell in Israel is ridiculous, I think it’s a total joke, and is not pro-American at all. I really don’t care if they’re flaming liberals, it’s an American business, not a Israeli one, who cares who sells what in Israel? You’re the governor of Florida.

Then between more Zionist trash, he did the migrant busing, which if you are smart enough to understand, is stupid. Abbott was the first to start doing this when he sent illegal immigrants from Texas to Chicago, and NYC in August. DeSantis, obviously wanting to try to boost his political clout like Abbott was doing, quickly followed suit by sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Hear me out, this is political theatre, and not in the way that liberals are crying about “dehumanization of immigrants”, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is, it’s a half-assed job, just to boost your polls. DeSantis was falling behind Trump at CPAC Dallas polls he needed something to boost his numbers, and this was a quick and easy thing to do just that. Boomers, Libertarians, and Jews fail to realize that this is not an American thing to do, and is not something that a president should, or in the case of Trump would do at all.

If you are truly America First as these men claim to be, then you would send these immigrants back over the border to Mexico. It’s really not a hard concept to grasp, and yes, I’ve heard the arguments about federal funding cuts, but, obviously DeSantis didn’t care when he was fighting against COVID mandates, so why would he care now? Shipping migrants to other cities in the US doesn’t do anything, we want these people out, we don’t want the cities that are bad now to get worse, we want to clean up the entire country. We don’t want to just have Florida, and Texas as the nice spots, we want ALL of America to be great. That is what Trump’s immigration policy is, there’s no exceptions, they ALL GO BACK.

In the case of Chicago, it didn’t even affect the city at all, the mayor promptly sent them off to the majority white, republican suburbs.

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot sparked outrage after deciding to move 64 migrants on a bussed to the Windy City to a neighboring Republican suburb. 

On Wednesday, 147 migrants were arrived in Chicago, city officials told Fox 32

Hours later, 64 of them were taken to a Hampton Inn hotel in Burr Ridge – 20 miles southwest from downtown – where they will be housed for at least the next 30 days. 

He said: ‘We are very unhappy that nobody from the city, from the state called and told me’ 

Most of the migrants, who are refugees, come from South American countries, including Peru and Colombia. 

Daily Mail

By the way can we just talk about TV optics for a second? Compare Trump to DeSantis.

I know it’s a trivial thing, but seriously, DeSantis has started in with some cringe gaffes lately.

I really don’t hate DeSantis as long as he stays in his place, I still believe he’s a good governor, and we need Florida to remain a republican stronghold for Trump. Less we forget that Florida was a purple state up until recently.

Trump, even at his age, is the better presidential leader, he is speaking out against Israel now, he won’t condemn Kanye because he’s “loyal to him” as he said, and he quit mentioning vaccines at his rally months ago.

He’s a better leader, it’s not hard to figure out why, he has TRUMP ENERGY.

Trump 2024

Also, here’s a good video to leave you with that goes in detail on Trump vs. DeSantis.

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