Sat. Apr 1st, 2023


Over this weekend folks it looks like one of the trolls favorite channels has been removed! I noticed this after I was in my chatroom and deluxe studios himself posted a screenshot of his banned YouTube account. 

I hope this comes as a clear message to the trolls that are attempting to reupload, or modify my content, I WIN!!! I know a lot of people were angry at the fact I reported some YouTube accounts, but hey, maybe you shouldn’t impersonate me or reupload my content that I the host work very hard on! Deluxe Studios found this out the hard way by trying to upload my personal information, and uploading some sick ass twisted porno content. Can’t blame YouTube for that one. 

I also wanted to make something clear because of all of the trolls that are impersonating my YouTube accounts. I only have ONE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE! ( I know there is a person commenting in my name and uploading in my name, and i’m warning this individual that they’re gonna regret doing that. 

Thanks for reading the blog folks and keeping updated, and I hope that the new domain name update can help in keeping this site active, remember keep bookmarked and liked for updates on my show. For those who don’t know: I was banned for 30 days from twitch because of the moron who donated me another gore/porn video, that i took off and deleted mind you. Hopefully i’ll be back sooner than later. 




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