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Well what’s going on folks, it looks like the Derek Chauvin trial is getting underway, and I most likely will not be watching most of it as we already know this nonsense is being setup by the left. I hope that he is found innocent but still, I have high doubts that will happen, based on the point of view they filmed him, and the lack of footage they will show. But, no matter what happens I want my fans to know what REALLY happened, so let me give my thoughts. 
To start, yes I do believe that what Derek Chauvin did was wrong, but, I do not think he intended to kill Floyd, I think it was a mistake and a failure to follow good protocol, and he was most likely not following his exact training. My best support for my arguments today, or at least some of them will be the bodycamera footage, the full unedited footage, which you can watch below. 

I would personally encourage you to watch the full video before reading the rest of this article. 
To continue, in my opinion, George Floyd throughout the video was displaying erratic behavior, and being much larger than the officers, I would have been worried for my life. Floyd could have had a gun, knife, anything, and even with his own body he could’ve been able to overpower Derek Chauvin especially considering, Chauvin was 5’9″ 154lbs, and Floyd was 6’4″ 223lbs (Source: Wikipedia.) This alone should tell you what the officers thought going into this situation, a large man, whether he was black or white he was a large man, compared to them, and was displaying dangerous behavior. 
Well, what was causing that behavior? After George Floyd’s death, the coroner’s office found multiple drugs in his system, that happened to be deadly amounts of the drugs. 
Here is the report on the drugs found in George Floyd’s system: 

First lets talk about Fentanyl, the drug that has been talked about the most with Floyd. First we need to understand the lethal amount of Fentanyl and the side effects. 
The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and drug Addiction, established a profile on the Fentanyl drug, and in the image I have above they write that the lethal amount with poly-substance use is approx. 7 ng/ml of blood concentration. Of course, George Floyd was a poly substance abuser, and at the time was on a substantial amount of Methamphetamine which is significant, considering a drug like Meth which can cause fatality with this amount of Fentanyl. 
The main side effects of Fentanyl especially in this dosage, will be the slow down of the central nervous system, and can also have high respiratory distress. Mixed with Meth this creates a dangerous combination, the Fentanyl is slowing his body down, while the Meth is actively lowering the effects of the Fentanyl hightening his heart rate. Floyd had also had COVID recently, which and as you know, I have a lot of speculation on COVID that it is most likely the flu in most cases, however, even if it was the flu, this created a death sentence for Floyd. George Floyd was a dead man walking with the amount of dangerous drugs in his system. 
And even with all of this evidence against Floyd, that’s not all, on the day of his arrest, Floyd was actively committing suicide by cop. Before the police showed up to arrest him for the fake $20 bill, he had taken more fentanyl. Even in the transcript, we see evidence that he was already sick. 
At the bottom of page 12 on the transcript of the bodycam, which can be viewed above, shows Office Kueng asking about the foam around his mouth. Floyd was already having respiratory issues before he was put on the ground, and in fact was saying he wasn’t able to breathe. 
The Minnesota toxicology Dr. Andrew Baker, suggested that no matter what happened with the neck kneeling incident, if Floyd was at his house the same day, he would’ve died and it would’ve been considered an overdose death. This tells us that Floyd died of an overdose, and while Derek Chauvin might’ve had poor judgement, he was under attack by a large man high on multiple drugs, to a lethal extent. George Floyd was a legitimate threat to these officers trying to do their job and arrest him, nothing more. I see in no way how Derek Chauvin can be convicted of murder with overwhelming evidence that George Floyd was actively taking drugs on the day of his arrest, and his respiratory issues were from these drugs, he was a dead man walking and I hope to see this trial end in the truth. 
P.S. I’ll be updating on what’s going on with the show here on and in my Discord Chatroom. 

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