Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Elon musk in an interview today has spoken out about Trump’s twitter ban, not only confirming his account would be reinstated but explaining further that the ban did not help Twitter at all, saying the ban was “morally wrong” and “flat out stupid’

Elon Musk has remained fairly silent on the Trump ban specifically, but I did expect this to come since he has already said he does not want permanent bans to exist on Twitter once he owns the platform, unless of course they are spam bots or some type of malicious account similar to a bot.

I think what people fail to realize about the Trump ban which happened in relation to January 6th, is that Trump never encouraged the actual “Capitol Riot” if you want to even call it a riot/insurrection at all. He posted tweets calling for people to attend the actual speech at the capitol

At the most you could say Trump sympathized with the violence because of the election fraud, which now we are seeing more and more proof. Also sympathizing with them because the Trump voters being treated like trash and being shunned by the government and by the public for the 4 years he was President.

Nonetheless he still posted a video encouraging for protestors to go home, and to be peaceful.

So that’s why he’s banned, he didn’t really do anything wrong, he encouraged peace, and wanted people to attend his speech and protest outside the capitol not go inside.

I’m not sure if Elon Musk understands this situation, but maybe he will once he gets the details himself once the buyout is complete. Even if he doesn’t Trump’s account will be reinstated that’s confirmed.

While Trump has said he won’t come back to Twitter, I honestly do not see that being the case if he has that Twitter account available to him, It’s too much of an advantage for him to pass up. If he is serious about running in 2024 he will come back to Twitter, he needs it.

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