Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Elon Musk has declined his spot on the Twitter board, possibly opening the possibility for a more extreme takeover of Twitter, giving him more influence than his board seat.

This comes after Elon Musk bought over 9% of Twitter becoming the largest shareholder of the company.

CEO Parag Agrawal announced the news that Musk would not be joining the board Sunday.

Of course a lot of these dumb retards on Twitter who spammed Elon Musk’s notifications with their recommendations immediately thought that Elon Musk is just throwing away the project, but in my opinion that is an extremely dumb and short sided way to look at it. He wouldn’t buy 9% of Twitter just to throw it out.

If Elon Musk accepted the board seat, he would be capped at around a 14% stake in the company, limiting his influence. Also, behind the scenes, I believe Musk was denied his suggestions to make Twitter free speech.

After Elon did his poll hinting at wanting to bring free speech back onto Twitter, he bought 9% of the company, quickly after this he suggested more modest approaches to improving the company like an edit button. I think Elon wants more influence and control than this, and I truly believe he wants to improve free speech on the platform, maybe I’m just trying to stay whitepilled about this but so far Elon Musk his putting his money where his mouth is.

Twitter also has a relatively small market cap of about $37 billion dollars, compared to Elon Musk’s $250+ billion net worth. Elon Musk has the capital and the ability to fix one of the most important social media companies in the world, bringing back Trump, Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones completely changes the game. The meme war will initiate again and truly we can start redpilling normies online again.

Twitter honestly might’ve just shot themselves in the foot trying to set their own terms this opens the door for a complete takeover of the company by Elon Musk.

By SBGPolitics

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