Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Elon Musk who revealed several weeks ago he will be voting Republican from here on out, tweeted that he would be leaning towards voting DeSantis for President in 2024.

Now, while I am not the biggest supporter of DeSantis running for President, mainly because I’d rather see Trump win again, but also because of some of his foreign policy being too pro Israel, this is still a huge win in my book.

DeSantis is probably the best governor out there right now, nobody else uses their power to encourage morality than he does, plus he’s good when it comes to economy and COVID restrictions. Greg Abbott never did anything about COVID restrictions until DeSantis did it first.

The reason I’m even writing an article about this though is because Elon Musk’s tweets about politics matter. His voice in the conservative movement is bigger than ever, and him endorsing someone could be a big deal later down the road. I think this will especially come to fruition because Trump is still on TRUTH and not on Twitter, he’s not reaching a worldwide audience, Elon is.

Furthermore, DeSantis might not even run in 2024, and Trump will be the nominee in his place. Elon Musk might still support Trump in 2024 even if DeSantis doesn’t run.

I really wish Trump would take this social media stuff more seriously and get back on Twitter. We need him to influence elections and politics and right now he’s not doing his part to do that. Staying on TRUTH is a terrible play politically, I hope he will change his mind when his Twitter ban is lifted once Elon owns the company.

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