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October 29th, 2021
The FDA has swiftly approved the approval for the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for younger children yesterday after a panel voted upon the approval, even while citing possible side effect data being unavailable. 
In an FDA press release the FDA cites their own risk analysis study, and other various studies that have supposedly verified the safety of the vaccine for children, despite the FDA panel admitting they have no idea what the long term effects could be for children, and with some data still not reported. 

The approval comes after their own panel claims that they do not know the long term risks of the vaccine until it’s been given to children. 

Dr. Ruben saying the words “that’s just the way it goes” is extremely ironic considering the so called “Covid Experts” criticism of then President Donald Trump, using a similar line “it is what it is” in an Axios interview on COVID-19 

The words “that’s just the way it goes” does not sound affirming when it comes to the matter of children, especially considering big pharma funder Bill Gates admitting on video that Vaccines can be used for population control. 

While it could be argued that Bill Gates does not have direct influence over Pfizer, nonetheless the statement “that’s just the way it goes” should absolutely having you rethink your choice on getting your child vaccinated. 
In addition to this statement, the FDA also admits lacking data on their briefing document. The document says that the FDA has no data on myocarditis in children ages 5-11, with an assumption being the filler for this lack of data.
“The model conservatively assumed that the risk of myocarditis/pericarditis associated with the 10 µg dose in children 5-11 years of age would the same as the estimated risk associated with the 30 µg dose in adolescents 12-15 years of age from Optum healthcare claims data.” 
Dr. Michael G. Kurilla was the only absent vote on this approval saying that this move would not give the healthcare community and parents the chance to decide what’s best for their children. This statement alone further backs up the possibility of force inoculations not only on adults in the future but children.
Dr. Kurilla also provided other reasons on why he stood out on this vote:

This vaccine rollout for children will begin once the CDC reviews the FDA approval. 


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