Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

With the rise of black terrorists and other minority related attacks on white people in the country this week started out with a mass shooting attack in the subway in Brooklyn, New York. The suspect, Frank James has been arrested this morning.

A madman disguised as a construction worker turned a Brooklyn subway car into a bloodbath during the early-morning rush Tuesday, setting off smoke bombs before opening fire and wounding 29, officials said.

The shooter — who has yet to be apprehended — was wearing a neon orange and green construction vest and a neon green helmet and muttering to himself on a Manhattan-bound N train when he unleashed bloody havoc just before 8:30 a.m.

The gunman suddenly put on a gas mask and released two smoke grenades as the car pulled into the 36th Street station in Sunset Park, cops said.

“Oops, my bad,” the suspect mumbled, according to witness Fitim Gjeloshi, after opening the canister and then pulling out an ax and dropping it to the floor.

As the crowded subway car filled with smoke, the shooter took out a 9mm semiautomatic Glock and fired 33 rounds at commuters, hitting 10 victims and leaving at least 19 others wounded. Those hurt included two teens ages 15 and 19, a pregnant woman who was shot in the leg, seven men and three women, law-enforcement sources said.

New York Post
36th Street shooting

The suspect in this case Frank James has a history of anti-white violent rhetoric online, of course If I tried to do the same thing on YouTube against his race I would quickly be taken down and probably reported to the feds, however this man has been doing this for years.

I highly encourage you to read the entire thread from Andy Ngo linked above on Twitter, full of evidence against this guy.

Of course I’m sure if you’re a reader of this website you already have seen FBI crime statistics which show that blacks in the United States commit over 50% of violent crime, which yes is still available to view.

However at the end of the day showing these statistics and posting these vile images of terrorist attacks is not going to do anything about the issue at hand, America is quickly becoming less white, and with that it is becoming more violent and more of a shithole.

Trump even took action against Muslims a violent group of people and kept them from coming in, and conservatives didn’t question this, however conservatives will be quick to dismiss the deportation/banning of blacks coming into the country, but I think there are many non-violent solutions to this.

Honestly at this point, I’m wondering why we’re not trying to bring segregation back, or booting these people back to Africa for trying to burn down and destroy this country and kill our people.

I of course do not support nor condone violence against these individuals, because I am not inherently violence unlike them however I think we can non violently and legally put them on a boat back to Africa and solve this problem quickly.

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