Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

I can’t say I’m surprised but this is a big deal considering the long term impact on the site.

Apparently yesterday, I got an email from Google telling me that my site was no longer being served with ads. I was busy yesterday so at the time of writing this article I just read the email.

First off, I’ve never encouraged violence on my site, I’ve said time and time again that violence is not the solution to our problems, and have gone into detail why. So that is a lie.

Obviously the rest of this is true but I did want to clear that up, this site has NEVER and NEVER WILL promote violence.

The rest of it is true, I’ve bullied mentally-ill faggots who want to run underage discord sex groups online, they deserve it. I’ve bullied a lot of people based on a lot of different things, and I don’t regret it.

I’m not appealing this because there is no point they will deny it and deny it over and over again. This type of thing has to change, and it’s apart of the reason why speaking out against the Jews is such a big deal to me right now and why I’ve been promoting Ye’s interviews.

If America was not overrun by Jews, our morals, and what the market would accept in turn would be completely different. Jews hate Christ, The New Testament, and Christians. You cannot have true morals without a higher meaning to them otherwise they are just your own subjective feelings, this is why America needs God’s law, not Satanic Jewish Talmud law.

Anyway, I will not serve ads anymore on the site unless I find a decent ad publisher, but I doubt that will happen.

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