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Japan has passed a law aimed at stopping “online insults” the law will go into effect Thursday

I talked about laws like this expanding globally last year when the UK passed a law criminalizing speech that was deemed harmful in an “emotional, psychological, or physical way” you can read that article here. (the article was written on the old website so it might not appear properly)

Just this year a 36 year old man was arrested and faced prison time for tweeting a post that was deemed “grossly offensive.” He tweeted about Captain Sir Tom Moore the day after his death, apparently he was a 100 year old British war vet who raised money for charity. My view however is that because he insulted the entire British military, he was arrested for that instead.

A man who sent a “grossly offensive” tweet about Captain Sir Tom Moore the day after his death has avoided a jail sentence as he was handed a community payback order.

Joseph Kelly, 36, posted on Twitter that “the only good Brit soldier is a deed one, burn auld fella buuuuurn” on February 3 last year.

Kelly, of Castlemilk, Glasgow, was found guilty of sending the message following a trial at Lanark Sheriff Court in January and returned to the court for sentencing on Wednesday.

Sheriff Adrian Cottam told Kelly he passed the “custody threshold” but there is a presumption against prison if there is an alternative.

He sentenced him to a community payback order comprising 18 months of supervision and 150 hours of unpaid work, and said the punishment should act as a deterrence to others.

Sheriff Cottam said: “My view is, having heard the evidence, that this was a grossly offensive tweet.

“The deterrence is really to show people that despite the steps you took to try and recall matters, as soon as you press the blue button that’s it.

That’s an insane sentence, people here in the US get less probation than that for drug offenses, I lived in a small town for a short time and would read the paper and the probation sentences for drugs would be 6-12 months.

Texas Marijuana Posession sentence (misdemeanor would be comparable to the online content charge in UK, note that this is maximum sentences as well, most are going to be this same time except probation)

I’m somewhat surprised that Asians are putting these laws like this upon their people, maybe not as surprised since it’s happening in Japan, but being an asshole on the internet in China is commonplace. Obviously you can’t insult anyone in the government in China, but I know plenty of Chinese that play CS:GO and will be the biggest shit-talkers in the game. Chinese TikTok posts will be the worst shit you’ll ever see, and they won’t get banned either.

Japan has too much western influence, China has historically been cutoff from the US and for good reason.

The thing about these laws is how open ended they are, these could really pry into your personal life, maybe you have a heat of the moment conversation with a friend and call them a faggot. Hey, we’ve all done it! Now, you could be jailed in Japan for up to 30 days with a fine of $2,200 USD. That’s insane.

I saw PewDiePie recently completed his move to Japan, what if he has another heated gamer moment on a bridge? What happens then? Does he go to prison? These laws are so open ended that we don’t know yet, it’s whatever they decide is offensive. That could literally be anything.

The EU is requiring black boxes to be put in cars, does that mean you could be arrested just for having an offensive conversation in your own car? These questions are important, and anybody, even on the left who denies that they are is just in complete denial of who they are. We all have offensive conversations, I do, and you do. When we’re in private with friends, even our own family we have funny, racist, crazy conversations. Life isn’t this utopian pipe dream, it’s life, life isn’t perfect, we have our moments.

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