Sat. Apr 1st, 2023
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I was thinking about posting this at the end of the month, however I’ve already completed some of the big updates to the site that I figured it would be better to go ahead and post it now.

Here’s the technical updates:

  1. Implemented a full privacy policy, terms of service, and cookies notice (CCPA compliance since most of my visitors are from California)
  2. Working on upgrading servers within the next 3-4 months, paid in advance for next 3 months of service.
  3. Filed an LLC in the State of Texas
  4. Blocked over 800 attacks on the website

Really happy with this month’s technical updates, we’ve done a lot this year in terms of technical updates on the website, huge thanks to the webmaster for helping to make it happen.

General updates:

  1. Working on bringing on another editor/author that will post a weekly video compilation (should be done in a week)
  2. Working on a new merch campaign since the last big campaign was so successful

The SBG Show updates:

  1. Did several shows this month almost every week (except for the times i was really sick)

I want to let you know, I’m taking a vacation, articles will continue to be posted however I’m unable to do The SBG Show while I’m away, I’ll return home on the 25th, and will pick back up with TSS after I’m home.

Hopefully the new author will be here within today and then. I leave today to head out on vacation.

I understand that the website has been more inactive lately, and I hate to leave on a low note, but I’ve been increasingly sick, and unfortunately not getting much better. I think a vacation will really lift my spirits, and motivate me to increase the quality of articles and increase the number of articles on the site. Also sick isn’t the only excuse, obviously I’ve been doing more and more of The SBG Show which takes away from the time I’m able to spend writing here on The SBG Report.

Overall we’re doing well, I should’ve made this a half year update, however there’s so much we’ve done since January, that would honestly take forever to write that. If you’ve been here, you know what’s up, I don’t usually write these, but for legal reasons I really need to make you aware of the privacy policy.

Anyway, I hope you all have had a great summer so far, cheers!


P.S. I forgot to write this, but rolling blackouts should start soon, so I don’t even know if I would be able to do shows even If I was home, Hopefully they won’t still continue when I come back home.

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