Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Kanye did a little too much trolling….

Kanye’s team recieved a phone call notifying them that he would not be allowed to perform at the Grammys this year despite his 5 nominations. Insiders say that this is because of “concerning online behaviour” that he has displayed most likely because of him trolling Pete Davidson on Instagram.

Pete Davidson the gay simp who is a creature of hollywood and a human embodiment of degeneracy and gay liberal American culture has been whining about Kanye spreading rumors that he was gay and had aids. Then went as far as to try and split apart Kanye’s already failing marriage by siding with Kim Kardashian the degenerate mother another creature of hollywood who wanted her kids on social media while Kanye didn’t.

In my opinion Kanye is trying to restore a broken family and wants to have his kids raised right, I guess him bullying this fag who tried to step in and take that further from him was enough to get him banned from the Grammys.

By SBGPolitics

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