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With everything going on I’m quite a bit late to this story but I’ve been active on my Telegram posting about it, nevertheless, it’s an important story about an important man, and even though I’m late to it, it deserves to be covered.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Kanye went on Tucker Carlson to give a full Interview aired in two parts over two days/episodes of Tucker Carlson Tonight. Kanye had been making headlines after appearing at a fashion show wearing a white lives matter shirt with Candace Owens a more mainstream conservative commentator.

I’ve always been a big admirer of Kanye, he’s someone who’s fought the system for a long time, longer than any of these mainstream conservatives realize, when he was beefing and threatening to kill that stupid faggot Pete Davidson I thought that was awesome.

He risked everything to start making Christian music, and he did it knowing what could happen to his career. He’s someone who’s just not afraid of these people, he’s not crazy, he’s a leader, and that’s really the point he was trying to make on Tucker’s show, he’s a leader, and leaders have to be bold and say and do things that are bold.

Tucker is absolutely the best Fox News host, he never shuts people down or edits things out, and I can almost guarantee that he agrees with some of the things he said (even about Kushner). I remember when he did that interview with that 18 year old who said that porn is promoted by Israeli lobbyists Tucker never batted an eye.

Kanye said something on this interview which I have been conveying for a long time now, which was in relation to Jared Kushner and how he really was the one person who flushed Trump’s tenure down the toilet more than anyone else.

Obviously Kushner being Trump’s son-in-law makes it difficult to get rid of him, which obviously he knows, but I think that Trump himself has realized more and more especially over the past year that he has been betrayed by specifically the Israel lobby.

“I just think it was to make money,” Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, told Carlson.

“I don’t know, is that too heavy-handed to put in this platform?” Ye added, to which Carlson responded “no.”

The Hill

It’s worth pointing out that Kanye is making a point on Kushner being Jewish, he wouldn’t have asked if it was too “heavy-handed” to say on the air if he wasn’t, this was really a surprise during the interview to me, I didn’t expect Kanye to come on and after everything else he said to call out Jewish tricks.

What he says is true, he talks about Josh Kushner and Jared being scammers. Jared convinced Trump to funnel money into Israel through his entire tenure to fund who knows what. I am convinced that Trump behind the scenes hates Jared, but I think he’s waiting for an opportune moment to get rid of him, remember that Trump is loyal to his family, but family doesn’t betray family, and Jared has absolutely done that.

Kanye’s interview is absolutely worth watching, you can watch both parts at the top of this article, he’s an inspiration of mine, and an absolute genius not just musically, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time now, unfortunately every cringe mainstream Ben Shapiro ripoff is going to run out of the woodworks trying to latch onto this now and will be a fanboy of Kanye’s while ignoring what he said about Israel.

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