Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Normally i’d avoid internet drama and stick to politics on the website, but this man involves himself in these political circles so much I feel like it’s my duty to report on this insanity.

Ethan Ralph the moderator of yesterday’s debate between Destiny and Nick Fuentes decided that he was going to livestream this event rather than see to the care of his girlfriend while her water broke and was about to go into labor.

Ralph announces to the livestream that his girlfriend is going into labor

The reaction from the guest is priceless, you can see that his instant reaction is why the hell is this guy even still on a call with me and not with his girlfriend who is hours away in New York about to give birth.

Given Ethan Ralph’s track record of deadbeat dad behaviour such as revenge porn, addiction, and other legal battles it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that this is how much he cares about his second son. Maybe things will change but this is not how I would portray myself to the public especially considering i’m already in a battle over my first son.

Ralph also had an epic freakout on twitter at his former underpaid, and abused co host Gator for daring to question his deadbeat dad behavior

Anyway, I know this is a lame story but this guy continues to post his own L’s all the time, the Ethan Ralph saga never fails to dissapoint.

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