Sat. Apr 1st, 2023


GETTR might’ve just taken the final blow tonight.
Tim Pool’s podcast, Timcast IRL had Jason Miller on tonight and called out Miller for banning Nick Fuentes and giving no real reason why. 
Last month Jason Miller banned Nick Fuentes for supposedly violating their tos, but still has not given a clear tos violation or reason for his ban. Tim Pool called this out, and Miller’s response was pathetic. 

Tim Pool interrupts Miller to say “I don’t think you have an argument here man, this seems like complete bullshit” 

Pool goes on to say “It’s really difficult for me to understand exactly what he did wrong, the issue is, when I ask you, you don’t seem to know either” 
Tim Pool is exactly right, and Jason Miller’s platform might’ve just had the final blow after this tonight.

Tim repeatedly asked what did Nick Fuentes do that broke the rules, what did groypers do that was against TOS. The GETTR CEO had no answer, no example, his only response was he "heard some things, or read something about them."

— QuarantinedCoof (@QuarantinedCoof) January 20, 2022

One thought on “NAIL IN THE COFFIN: Tim Pool EXPOSES GETTR CEO Jason Miller”
  1. bruh look at this guys head… big pufferfish looking guy
    this is where OpenBSD got their mascot from

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