Sat. Apr 1st, 2023


Tonight on Nick Fuentes and Dave Smith had a debate on Libertarianism & State Power moderated by Ethan Ralph, personally I’m not very familiar with Dave Smith but after a quick overview I found it already extremely ironic that Dave, a comedian, would of course be a lolbertarian. Oh the irony…

I’ll try my best to come back and edit this article to contain clip references, however please excuse the lack of clips as I am currently in San Antonio, Texas on extended break. 
The debate honestly was as I expected it, Dave Smith struggled throughout with the “ums, uhhhs, and ehhs” present most of the time. Of course the swearing was excessive by libertarian nature. I really don’t think Dave knew what he was getting into, already at the start with Ralph’s pre show entertainment he was confused. Dave has interviewed Nick before but clearly didn’t understand what was going to happen. 
Nick on the other hand was quite prepared, and well spoken. He showed he had read some of the works of Joseph de Maistre to prepare for the event. He was in my opinion playing much more offensively in this debate than Dave was. 
The worst part of this debate in my opinion was near the end when Dave basically conceded his entire argument for the lack of a government when he said in relation to fighting anarchy that in place of government we needed “Another organization”, which one can only assume he means…A government???? 
In my opinion the debate ended long before this but that was really the icing on the cake. Again I will try to come back soon to complete this article with more clips and citations but I just wanted to make a quick post about this. I always love Fuentes debates. 

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