Sat. Apr 1st, 2023


With all these twitter purges including the ban of yours truly less than a month ago, everyone is trying to get on the “free speech platform!” bandwagon, including former Trump aide Jason Miller. Jason Miller’s GETTR platform launched July 4th, 2021. It’s UI is almost exactly the same as Twitter’s, the content in my opinion is garbage, and the user experience is even worse. 
Recently GETTR decided to ban Nick J. Fuentes from their platform, who did mind you nothing that broke their TOS. Later, GETTR banned the word “Groyper” from being used at all on the platform. Suspending many other Groypers in the process. 
On top of this Jason Miller’s dead platform is so pathetic that once they got Joe Rogan to sign up, they faked his follow count, and “imported” it from twitter! 
They did the same thing with tim pool as well:
What a pathetic ploy to make it seem like your website isn’t dying!
This of course, is not the only dishonest move recently from GETTR and Jason Miller, but he rigged his own awards show on top of it! 

Nominate your fellow #GETTR users for the “GETTIES” at 3PM EST TODAY!????

Use the hashtag #2021FreeSpeechChamps and tag the official account @gettr when you post with your user nominations in the categories below ????

— GETTR (@GETTRofficial) January 1, 2022

Now I was hoping that he would keep this content honest by actually doing as he said and using the hashtag for nominations, and while there weren’t many responses if you look through the hastag on twitter, most of them were for Nick Fuentes. 

Of course he ignores this and does not nominate Nick Fuentes for any of his awards! I know this may seem stupid and not important, but it did seem dishonest to me as he was saying he would be using the hashtag for nominations, and it just goes to show how dishonest this man and his platform are. 


Baked Alaska – BANNED
Nicholas J. Fuentes – BANNED
Word “Groyper” – BANNED
IP2 Zoomer – BANNED @JasonMillerinDC and @GETTRofficial are despicable LIARS and COMMIES

— IP2 Zoomer????(YOBA) (@IP2zoomer_) January 3, 2022

If Dr. Robert Malone knew that you censored the word “groyper” and banned Nick Fuentes for no reason would he still be using your dying platform @JasonMillerinDC.

— SBG (@thesbgreport) January 2, 2022

Anyway, with all that out of the way, please support our fellow Christian Andrew Torba and sign up over at Gab has been around way longer than this grift ploy by Miller. Make sure to follow me on gab as well – @SBGPolitics

Gab has several new features and platforms launching soon as well so check them out! 

In the next six weeks:
-Gab Marketplace
-Gab Pay (Paypal alternative)
-Gab Job board

Jason Miller is playing checkers.

I’m playing chess.

— (@getongab) January 3, 2022

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