Sat. Apr 1st, 2023
After a little over two years, it seems that the political effectiveness of the COVID-19 pandemic has worn off to the point where not even many libs believe “The Science” anymore. Biden has given his State of The Union address, and what better time to make him look good and prop his borderline rotting corpse up than ending the Plandemic (at least for the time being)!
The CDC announced 3 days ago on March 3rd that around 90% of the U.S no longer needs to wear a face mask because they live in areas with medium to low transmission risk. It’s amazing how fast “The Science” changes, as I put in the thumbnail for this article it literally changes everyday.
Even NYC which has had the most strict vax/mask requirements through the entire pandemic has dropped both their mask requirements and the vax pass. This honestly came as a bit of a surprise to me considering they literally created an entire online infrastructure to track people with QR codes who had taken the vax so they could enter places in NYC.
New York Times –
Mr. Adams framed the decision to drop the mandates as part of his broader effort to reopen the city, whose economy has been battered by the coronavirus, and to restore a sense of normalcy after a steep drop in Covid-19 cases.

Honestly I still think they’re gonna bring the COVID shit back, whether it be for money with the next booster, or the midterms in November (mail in voting) they’re gonna keep it around. Hopefully even the retards who have bought into this garbage for the past 2 years will realize that the “science” surrounding this is bullshit when they bring it back at a coincidental time. We’ll see what happens.

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