Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

I was beginning to doubt that Elon was going to do anything at all about anyone who was banned, at least anytime in the near future. Yet here we are, Trump is back, all followers intact, tweets are up, everything.

It’s great that he’s back, but also it’s only half the problem, we need everyone else back, and so far we’re not having good luck. He already said that he’s not unbanning Alex Jones twice, which is ridiculous. Honestly, I’m getting tired of waiting with hearing his lame ass excuses about a new moderation council, then polls, then whatever other funny business he’s been playing.

Trump has already said he won’t return saying that Twitter has “Problems that need to be fixed.” I agree with him, Musk needs to just get to it and unban everyone, if he really cares about changing the platform at all. Even if they aren’t fixed though, I suspect that Trump will return regardless. It’s a terrible campaign strategy to not use Twitter now that he has it back, and while I realize that he has a “contract” of some sorts with Truth Social, he will get out of it I imagine. I know for a fact he’s smarter than that.

In the meantime, I am also back on Twitter….

By SBGPolitics

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of The SBG Report

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