Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

This entire situation just gets more and more ridiculous with more pathetic western propaganda being used against the east. The Biden Administration is looking at a symbolic ban on TikTok to “Combat Chinese propaganda” while staging false flag attacks on their own drones in the black sea.

Putin is in my personal opinion the greatest leader alive right now and will for many go down as such. These so called “war crimes” are just another pathetic smear. If you watch the video the war crimes are the “Deportation of children from The Ukraine into Russia.” Which obviously makes no sense, somehow getting kids out of a warzone and into Russia is somehow bad? It’s similar to when the US accused him of rigging the votes by citizens in Ukraine to join Russia.

These people that are buying into this narrative put out by the US State Department have no concept of what reality is like, war is a very real thing. Putin is a statesman, not a scary evil demon who wants to murder kids, he wants Russia to prosper and they are doing that well. Meanwhile the US has health officials that want to cut off your children’s genitals. How is that not a crime against humanity?

The US has rained hell on the middle east but war crimes were never brought up to arrest any members of The Bush Crime Family. The Biden’s receive the money that pays for their beachfront houses from Ukraine, but they will never be prosecuted. Conservatives and Liberals both will ignore this to warmonger over Russia and China, two countries that are stronger and more God fearing than the Faggot States of America.

The difference is that those propagating this warmongering narrative know what they’re doing. Many of the people right now listening to it don’t know, I hope that I can encourage more of my readers/viewers to think for themselves and to understand that the US is really in a bad place right now and is just as much of a police state as China is.

Your enemy is not in Russia, or China.


By SBGPolitics

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of The SBG Report

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