Sat. Apr 1st, 2023


Well folks, the left has attempted to strike me down again, and of course has lied and failed in the process. YouTube decided to take down my Twitch stream VOD archive of the 65th episode. This was my special MLK Day Edition, that twitch didn’t even have a problem with! YouTube however days later removed this video for the reason of “Terms and policies” after looking through my email the reason, as insane as this is, is this: 

That’s right folks YouTube has taken me down for spreading “false claims about voter fraud.” This is ridiculous and is my final straw with streaming and or uploading my archives on this anti american website. I will continue to stream on my current Twitch Account and will be streaming this thursday. Apologies for my absence these past few weeks, I’ve been busy with some personal business, not to mention the power being out at The SBG Show Studios. 
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