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 SBG’s Thoughts on Masks

In the current COVID-19 America mask shaming has become a new trend, even I someone who refuses to wear a mask (i’ll get to why later) have been accused of being selfish, and putting people’s health at risk. So let’s see what the proof is behind effectiveness of masks. 
Currently we know that some masks are more effective than others, this has already been stated by the FDA, and you can view that here. Cloth masks have already been proven to be not effective at all at preventing Covid or having any kind of an impact on preventing bacteria being spread in general.(However the CDC still reccomends cloth masks.) So let’s talk about surgical masks. Referring back to the same article by the FDA, which is said to have content current as of 8/20/2020 says that surgical masks are also not effective at controlling the spread of COVID-19. Here is a direct quote from the article which I will link at the bottom of the article. 

So as you can see the FDA clearly says yet again that a surgical mask will not be effective at blocking small particles that are transmitted by coughs, sneezes etc. And they go on to say that they also provide less protection simply because they are loose on your face. Alright so we’ve already seen that two type’s of masks are not helpful at preventing COVID-19. So let’s look at another type, the N-95 mask. Also please understand that the article I am referring to posted by the FDA is actually more current than the CDC face cover guidance posted on August 7th. So please don’t message me about how my information is out of date. 

Alright, so the N-95 mask, you’ve probably heard about how this mask can supposedly block 95% of airborne particles, well, while this sounds great the CDC said themselves in 2009 that there is no scientific basis for wearing a N-95 mask. And again i’ll refer back to the article I have been talking about, it says clearly that they encrouage people to not purchase an N-95 mask. Here is a quote from the CDC in 2009 on the effectiveness on the N-95 mask in coronavirus type settings. (Img credit:
Well obviously we shouldn’t wear these two. How about we have a look at cloth masks, surely since everyone is wearing one of those, they have to be keeping us safe. Evidently not, as cited in the same FDA article and a study performed by the University of South Wales it is once again encouraged that you DO NOT wear a cloth mask, especially on a global scale as explained in the study. Here in another study this time performed by the nearly worshipped government organization the CDC they explain furthermore that cloth masks simply are not effective. 

They say that medical masks are more effective but as I stated, and even the CDC themselves stated, medical masks are just as unsafe. I’ve been talking about masks and how illegitimate they are for a long while on my broadcast and have gone into intense detail on why they aren’t and I have viewed numerous studies. Anthony Fauci and the radical left democrats are once again on a power trip and stealing YOUR RIGHTS right out from under you. I have already states on my show that people who got a flu shot, which was so highly encouraged by liberals were dying of COVID-19. People started to understand. The left is putting our lives at risk not only with masks, but even mentally, they encourage us to stay home and be force fed the mainstream media via our televisions so we can see lies day after day until we don’t know what is truth anymore. Folks, we are looking at the last days of America as we know it. And I encourage you to push back against it, please, do not wear a mask In public and encourage these globalists with their socalist symbol that is a mask. 

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