Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

I honestly hope these vaxxed pigs get no payouts at all…

Can’t say I’m surprised but nearly 1000 people have applied for compensation through a UK program that will give a one-time, tax-free payout of £120,000 ($158,280 USD.) According to the program even after you receive this payout you can still fight for legal compensation. Oh and just to be clear, there are requirements to apply for this payout, all of these claims are SERIOUS INJURIES. Let me make that clear, SERIOUS INJURIES.


To qualify for this payment victims must have been left at least 60% disabled from the vaccine. These claims don’t even include the stupid vax pigs that have minor (which will probably turn into major issues later) problems. Read the Daily Mail article here.

Honestly Israel the country that developed the bioweapon that is the COVID vaccine should be paying out to victims through their unlimited shekel supply. Unfortunately I doubt that will ever happen Israel is untouchable. I hope the U.S. launches some sort of system like this or maybe a state will just to show the statistics at least of vaxpigs who have been seriously fucked over by this Jewish bioweapon.

To conclude though, vaxpigs just keep taking L’s these payouts haven’t even been paid yet and I doubt they even will soon. If these retards literally waited a few months they could have had everything back, companies and cities are removing their vaccine requirements daily. Mask requirements are being removed almost everywhere. Take the L vaxpigs.

By SBGPolitics

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