Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

Taylor Lorenz the now disgraced Washington Post journalist, who is known for false accusations, and doxxing libsoftiktok is now back at it again with false accusations.

Lorenz posted yesterday to Twitter claiming Matt Drudge, owner and editor of The Drudge Report called her personal cell phone number and threatened to put her on full blast on his website.

Apparently this woman is so stupid she didn’t know that anyone could call her and claim to be Matt Drudge. She just immediately thought it was real without doing the slightest bit of digging. Oh yeah, and this is a reporter by the way.

May I also mention that after she was exposed for the false accusations, she pretended to forget what the Drudge Report was, apparently a “reporter” and by the way a “well accoladed” reporter according to Wikipedia doesn’t know the most influential reporter in America.

After her accusations Drudge emailed her, and after seemingly no response, he emailed it to CNN journalist Oliver Darcy who published the story. Then after she noticed this she deleted the tweets.

When Lorenz received Drudge’s request, she deleted her tweets and posted a clarification: “For anyone who saw my post abt this man claiming to be from Drudge calling me non stop, good news: I heard from Matt Drudge & this man has zero power over Drudge! He’s claiming to be an editor all over the internet but he’s not. Sorry to disappoint everyone saying Drudge is based.” Lorenz told me that her initial tweets were a “joke” and that she found the idea someone could harm her career via the Drudge Report “hilarious.” Lorenz said she was “laughing very hard about the idea” and was simply joking about it online. “I am happy to correct the record that I have no drama with Drudge Report,” Lorenz told me.

Oliver Darcy, CNN

It honestly bewilders me that the media has not only come to the point to where they allow women to inform the general public at all, but that they let women this fucking stupid be senior reporters and applaud them for their retardation. This moron proves time and time again she’s retarded.

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