Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

A 16 year old Dallas teen may possibly be tried as an adult in Texas for shooting an Indian man at a Costco last November.

This story however isn’t as simple as some black kid robbed and shot a guy then is going to prison for a long time, because that’s common place in Dallas and I wouldn’t waste your time with something you already know happens all the time. No, not at all. This guy was known to law enforcement just like our latest mass shooters.

Friday, a hearing began for the accused teenager charged with his murder. A judge will decide whether the 16-year-old suspect will be tried as an adult.

Elbanna’s family is pleading for the teen to be tried as an adult.

Information was released that showed the 16-year-old suspect has an extensive criminal history, beginning when he was just 12 years old.

Cameras aren’t allowed inside juvenile court, but his probation officer testified he previously threatened to shoot up a school and was on probation for burglary when he reportedly shot and killed Elbanna.

A psychologist determined the suspect is mentally fit for criminal proceeding to continue.

Fox 4 News Dallas-Fort-Worth

Here’s the video rundown:

Wow, what a failure the Texas criminal justice system did here, if I were the family of this man, I’d be pissed beyond belief.

Black people blame the criminal justice system for arresting them, and treating them like shit, which usually they deserve, but rarely happens. What does happen is they get more and more lenient sentences. Especially in cities that are ran by blacks.

Dallas is mostly ran by blacks, the police chiefs have been black since as long as I can remember, the Mayor is black, and the people who run the Dallas County Jail are black.

Somehow this guy threatened to shoot up a school, was on probation, had a serious record since he was 12, and he was allowed on the streets so he could kill some guy? What the fuck.

This baboon should have been locked up in a facility for at least 20 years, and had strict monitoring after. The fact he was allowed to have the opportunity to do this is alone a failure.

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