Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

I realize Michelle Malkin has already pretty much fully covered the information on this story, however I felt since this website was of course founded in Denton, Texas, this would be an appropriate story to cover.

Kelly Neidert is a UNT graduate and the executive director of Protect Texas Kids, a nonprofit organization and according to their own mission statement they say:

Protect Texas Kids (PTK) is a nonprofit organization here to take a stand in protecting kids from the toxic, indoctrinating agenda of the left by exposing the truth behind the ongoing assault that has been ruthlessly waged against our children’s identities, core development, and traditional values.

Kelly has been a victim of the mob on campus for a while now, stalking, vandalism, they’ve done it all. Honestly in a campus like that, it’s by the hand of God she hasn’t died.

Where this started was when Kelly posted to her Twitter account in April posting a picture of her apartment door where graffiti read “Stay Home Nazi Cunt”

She receives threats via Twitter, and seemingly in real life as well

From what Michelle Malkin has said on Twitter, the UNT President has not responded to request for comment, I have reached out myself for a request for comment on the situation and they have not responded.

Infact, it seems that the President is blaming Kelly for the attacks because of what she’s been saying.

As of today, Kelly Neidert has been locked out of her Twitter for posting Trans statistics, which of course since trannies are in complete denial of reality, they are also in complete denial of the numbers.


Kelly’s nonprofit has written to Governor Abbott about this situation, I hope Governor Abbott will reconsider funding for the public university, but as she wrote Abbott has not been acting to the best of his abilities.

We shall see…

To wrap up, there is a lot of great content from the UNT campus that is full of mentally-ill trannies, and demon possessed individuals on Kelly’s still available Twitter which you can find here:

Normally, when I see so called “conservative women” they aren’t very smart, or they aren’t really Christian, or something else that just overshadows their message. Kelly is on the money, and Michelle Malkin is too. Michelle has defended the Groypers for so long that she is to me, the most respected woman on the right. God bless both of them.

Kelly has been the victim of hit pieces, and the tranny terrorists have been attacking her family online as well, through it all though she’s been giving God and Jesus Christ the glory through fighting for our kids. I couldn’t find a donate link on her nonprofit, so please follow her and the organizations social media accounts.



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