Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

a farmer wakes up one day, looks out his window at his cows, one cow stands away from the heard
this cow is staring at the electric fence, stamps its hoofs, then charges at the fence
is zapped, discouraged it rejoins the crowd, “what a fool” the farmer says

the farmer is eating his lunch, he looks out his window to see the same cow in the same place
stamps its hoofs, charges the fence, same result “heh, he never learns” says the farmer

as the afternoon rolls around the farmer goes to tend to the cows, milking and feeding them
when he gets to the defiant cow he asks the cow, “oh cow, why do you charge the fence? do you wish to be in the wild, there is no protection or friends out there, inside the fence there is safety and ccompany all you will ever bring yourself is pain from that fence when you could enjoy a nice simple life inside!”

the cow turns, looks at the farmer, calm the cow says

By GirlKisser

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