Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

I apologize for the recent downtime which lasted for 3 days, our new server host which we switched to after we got banned from Hetzner terminated our service, luckily things are back running thanks to my webmaster helping.

Unfortunately it took so long because of bad timing. He was out of the country and the internet sucked.

Shouldn’t be any downtime like that again, however I’ll probably have to permanently disable Tor connections if we keep getting mass DDOS attacks, it’s at the rate where I should just put up a counter on the frontpage telling you how many have happened each day.

Anyway, sorry about all that, like I said on my social media, everything was down, I couldn’t even go to the dashboard to post articles.

By SBGPolitics

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of The SBG Report

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