Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

I haven’t done an update in a while and after the downtime I knew I needed to give one, I’ll lay out a few points on the site, then I’ll put some important updates on the show as well.

The SBG Report

  • Site was down for about two weeks, this was because of a payment issue, I had paid for multiple months of server uptime, but there was a payment confusion with me and the admin of the site, my bad. I paid for another 6 months of uptime.
  • We were getting DDOSd really heavily before the site went completely down so if tor connections aren’t working, that’s why, I’ll try to keep tor available as much as possible but it might be limited.
  • I’m going to have another recruitment for more editors soon, I’ll put that out on telegram when it happens\

The site being down sucks because we were doing really well before it happened, google news was working on approving the site for publication, and we had a lot more visitors than usual. It happens though, and I’m not too concerned, we’ve bounced back from worse.

The SBG Show

  • While the site was down I did several shows, including 3 this week. (TSS 104 VOD was corrupted, I put the small part on telegram that I had.)
  • I decided to launch the new show “TSS After Hours” I was talking about this Wednesday on YouTube, quite a few people came out and enjoyed it.

Unfortunately I do not think that this new more “troll” oriented version of the show is going to last on YouTube, we kept getting DMCA shutdowns on the stream I did today, and even without that YouTube isn’t going to be welcoming to the edgy type of material that the show contains.

Overall, people did enjoy the show, it’s a great addition to have and I think that it will be around for a long time to come, just remember though that it is more of a late night “troll show” NOT a serious political broadcast, so beware of that.

I will have the link available on Odysee to tonight’s VOD which was blocked, and the previous TSS After Hours vod from wednesday. I’ll link them below once they are uploaded.

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Owner & Editor-in-Chief of The SBG Report

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