Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Nobody else is writing about this right now, Goldman Sachs finally seems to admit what’s going on, but Bloomberg, MarketWatch, and others this news is nowhere to be found. The finance industry is riddled with Jews so it’s to be expected. The anti-Russian propaganda is in full force and I’m here to stop it.

The US dollar is dealing with some of the same challenges that the British pound faced in the early 1900s, before it went into decline, Goldman Sachs said in a research note released on Thursday. The Wall Street bank warns that the greenback could lose its global dominance.

According to the research seen by Business Insider, the move by Washington and its allies to freeze much of the Russian Central Bank’s foreign currency reserves has raised concerns that countries could start moving away from the dollar. Analysts explained the risk as due to worries about the power the dollar grants the US.

The challenges that Goldman Sachs named include the fact that the US has a relatively small share of global trade compared to the dominance of its currency in global payments. Another issue is that the country has a deteriorating “net foreign asset position,” with rising foreign debts. In addition, the nation faces geopolitical problems, such as the conflict in Ukraine.


The banning of Russia from the SWIFT system might’ve been the biggest mistake the U.S has made in regards of self economic interest in the past 100 years, it’s going to have an impact that we are going to see sooner than you think, but the full effects will really start showing in the next 10-20 years as China continues to rise.

The Ruble has now fully recovered after switching from the U.S based SWIFT system to the Chinese version of SWIFT. This has not only fully recovered the Ruble, but the Ruble is now trading higher than it did before the war started. Which really makes you begin to wonder, why did we even impose sanctions, and ban them from SWIFT? Which not only hurt innocent Russians, but has so far hurt us more than has even begun to affect the Russian Government.

The reason is simple, the Biden administration is so weak and has carried out so little of their campaign promises that they needed something to latch onto to appeal to stupid young people, and dumb conservatives, and so far it’s worked. I know many conservatives that have supported the sanctions on Russia, but they’re too dumb to think for a second how it will affect us. The Biden administration wanted to take the moral high ground instead of actually giving a shit for two seconds about how this would affect the United States in the future.

Countries are going to begin trading in other currencies, Andrew Anglin pointed out that the last hope for the U.S at some point might be BTC in place of the U.S Dollar system which is why that have been so hesitant to impost restrictions. This will literally turn the U.S into a third-world shithole, the U.S dollar will come down, and the rest of the country will fall as well. China and Russia will both become first world powers, while the U.S has turned into a shithole that uses BTC like El Salvador.

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