Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

The mainstream viewpoint with conservatives and the GOP to this day has remained that America has been, is, and always will be a perfect country. The boomers eat all of that up, the Reagan type patriotism without any talks about race or religion and purely basing their politics on economics.

Tucker Carlson has been out in the open with this recently in his State Dept. propaganda rants trying to get us into a war with China. Now we’ve seen Nikki Haley the glorified 7-11 attendant make headlines with the same status quo neocon political views. Worse yet it’s an Indian woman who says in her own speech that “She’s always felt like an alien in America.”

I really think that if couch potato boomers and lazy young people left their house at least once a week and went outside into an urban area that they’d find that America really is a third world country right now. I’ve always been someone who instead of looking at statistics online with these kinds of questions would rather go into the real world and learn myself. I live in the 9th largest city in the US, and have travelled the entire country, so I’d say I have some experience in urban areas.

Now I don’t even think you have to look to the urban areas, just this past week the East Palestine train crash happened in the middle of nowhere.

This is what you get with diversity in the workplace (A true western value!)

For those who don’t know Pete Buttigieg is a proud homosexual.

Though the left rarely misses an opportunity to announce that “the adults are back in charge,” Buttigieg’s failures suggest otherwise. His highlight reel at the Department of Transportation includes a supply-chain crisis punctuated with a personal leave, flight system disruptions that stranded millions of travelers and temporarily grounded all U.S. flights, rail strikes, and a series of horrific train derailments. On Main Street, people get fired for far less.

The Federalist

These are mentally-ill people that are allowed to run highly critical, highly complex networks of transportation that affects the economy in multiple layers. It’s almost as bad as having people who cutoff their balls in health or schools….oh wait….

On a Christian moral worldview level it makes no sense, but thinking about it logically it still doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile China whom the entire GOP wants you to sign up to go to war with can build massive buildings and networks of rail lines in days with huge all male workforces.

It makes me want to vomit seeing this same trash regurgitated year after year, political cycle, after political cycle with these people. Now we have blacks, and indians getting on the bandwagon with it too. It’s just an important thing that any political candidate needs to say, America is a shithole, every big city is filled with homeless people and trash on the streets, the mayors are black or gay, and the constitution is a piece of paper.

Things have to change big time, boomers need to get out of the way with their bullshit, America needs Jesus, and a true leader under him.

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