Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

This is a weirder article for me to write, but I will defend people telling the truth in circles where it is not popular to tell such truths. Greekgodx is one of those people. I’ve been watching this develop for a while now and it seems this is what it has accumulated to, a ban from Twitch, no surprise.

Greekgodx is probably one of the most iconic faces of Twitch, now less popular than he once was, he used to IRL stream with Ice Poseidon back in the glory days of Twitch and online live streaming.

He responded later on Twitter:

Apparently Greek is somewhat right-wing, he wants traditional marriage, hates onlyfans whores, and is antivax. What’s not to love right? Well, to no surprise the people at Twitch, aren’t so quick to defend him these days. Especially since the only one who can approve your political opinions on Twitch is Hasan Piker.

I literally see Hasan converse with other twitch streamers who of course bow down to him because of his viewership, and consult him for political takes. Even though Hasan is one of the single most dumbest and uninformed individuals I have ever seen online. To be fair the only people who actually buy into his bullshit, are people dumber than him (negroes, queers, and Xqc)

It is honestly pathetic to see this as the popular internet culture now, just a few years ago politics on twitch were more or less center, maybe dare I say center-right, and you could believe it or not say faggot a few years ago on there too.

Now, if you step out of line, out of the views of some turk roach soy fag you’ll be shunned, probably banned too, because he and his fanbase dictate the definition of political correctness on Twitch. People will call this crazy, and stupid, but it’s true, he is the only popular political streamer left on the platform, now that they have gotten rid of Destiny our Groyper hero.

Maybe this is a joke, and he’s playing this up for attention. Either way it’s good to see someone stepping out of bounds on Twitch who is another prominent figure, soon they’ll be left with nobody but Hasan, a braindead french canadian, and a bunch of freaks who groom kids on Discord.

I encourage Greekgodx to reach out to the people for a channel just in case anything happens.

By SBGPolitics

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of The SBG Report

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