Sat. Apr 1st, 2023
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I said from the start of the Covid restrictions that if enough of us pushed back non-violently against the mandates that the government, and private companies would be forced to remove them. I also noted that when everything was over, when the dust settled, we would really know who is real and who is fake.

Wheat From The Chaff…

I’m not trying to say as the actual biblical interpretation says where those who took the vaccine are going to hell, because regardless of how much I despise people who take the shot, there are those who took it with good intentions. People have families and need to make a living, I get it. If you took it to go travel to some other country, or enter someplace in your minority filled shithole of a city then I hope you have a stroke and die from it.

Just a few episodes ago on The SBG Show I showed a few articles about how the restrictions were all being lifted, or were never really implemented in the first place. Carnival and Royal Carribbean dropped their vaccine requirements and then pretty much every school district in the US never implemented and does not plan to implement vaccine mandates.

It’s actually good to see that a lot of parents aren’t considering vaccinating their kids, however I worry that a lot of that statistic is the same parents that are instead worried about giving their kid HRT rather than a covid shot.

Just a couple days ago it went even further, after it was reported that companies have already been dropping mandates quietly.

Some companies are rolling back mandates for employee COVID vaccination — but few are making official public statements about it.

Why it matters: These moves signal that we’ve shifted into a new chapter of the pandemic — and that employers are desperate to get people back to the office.

Employers are trying to reduce any barriers to entry for new hires, says Erin Grau, co-founder of Charter, a media and services company focused on the future of work, who’s hearing from executives who are dropping their mandates.

The requirements are also expensive and time-consuming for employers — another reason to stop, she adds.

What’s happening: “[Companies] decided that the rationale for [mandates] had become weak enough that they don’t want to continue,” Jeff Levin-Scherz, population health leader at Willis Towers Watson, tells Axios.

Companies mostly don’t want to talk about this, seeing little upside given the controversial history of mandates. But a few large employers’ plans are public:

Starting this week, Goldman Sachs lifted vaccination requirements everywhere but New York City, where it still has a mandate for workplaces. “With many tools including vaccination, improved treatments and testing now available, there is significantly less risk of severe illness,” Goldman told employees in a memo announcing the change, obtained by Axios.

In June, Cisco stopped requiring vaccination for “office entry, travel, event attendance, or visiting customers, partners, and other third parties,” per its website.

JPMorgan Chase said it would start hiring unvaccinated individuals again back in March.


Really the only people (those live in the US for the most part) who took the vaccine and said it was to keep their jobs are people who have a shitty wagie job that should’ve quit a long time ago.

Consider that the list above from Axios was really the most Jewish and gay companies in the US, this isn’t your average small company.

If you are good at what you do, and you provide a skillset that you know is valuable to the company then someone will hire you and pay you for it, I’m not talking about being skilled at wiping shit off a floor, I’m talking about tech jobs, engineering, etc. The vaccine mandates were never tenable in the first place for companies, you can’t just mandate everyone stay home then all the sudden fire everyone who didn’t take a shot, then keep anyone else who didn’t take it from being hired. Companies barely had anyone in the first place after covid.

US companies aren’t the only ones though, New Zealand which had the military go down the streets in tanks forcing people in houses (a woman ran country mind you) has now dropped their covid and vaccine mandates.

Jacinda Ardern has declared it “time to safely turn the page” on New Zealand’s Covid-19 restrictions, scrapping all but a handful of remaining rules.

New Zealand, which once eliminated the virus through the toughest pandemic rules in the world, has made relaxations similar to Australian or European conditions.

Mask-wearing will no longer be mandatory in public places, and the last vaccine mandates will be ditched in two weeks under sweeping changes announced by the prime minister on Monday.

However, the government is sticking by a seven-day isolation period for people with virus, defying calls to shorten isolation to five days.

“Today marks a milestone in our response. Finally, rather than feeling that Covid dictates what happens to us, our lives, and our futures, we take back control,” Ardern said.

“We move forward with confidence knowing that we’re not going to use those measures in the future.”

The Guardian

I think everyone knew that this facade could only last for so long, it was a joke from the start and governments did a terrible job at trying to cover their asses. Maybe a psyop like this could’ve worked if it was less intrusive, but cancelling school for kids, kicking families off flights, arresting grandmothers for not putting on on a mask, all of this pissed people off. In reality the only dumbfucks who took the vax and obeyed where faggot no-life losers who had no family, no high paying job, and thought they’d make it somewhere by taking the clot shot.

All the unvaxxed are heroes. o7.

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