Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

I get back from going out this morning and I look at the news and it’s another shooting! However, this time it’s committed by a woman. Instantly I know, there will be no deaths, possibly an injury or two, but most likely nothing serious.

I was right. The shooting had no injuries, no deaths, and the only injury is the woman, who was hilariously shot in the vagina, shoutout to Dallas PD for that.

My next prediction was that the woman would be black, I’ve lived in Dallas for a long time, and know that there is some crazy niggas out here. I was right again!

From what I’ve seen from pictures in the airport, the suspect is black.

I’ll admit though, I could be wrong about this, this was a grainy image I found off /pol/ and It really doesn’t matter, race aside, all women are crazy nutcases.

The story itself is crazy. She goes into the airport, changes in the bathroom, comes out with a gun, then starts shooting at the ceiling?

It seems to me like a very weird attempt at suicide by cop, but even then, I’ve never really heard of someone who goes into an airport to do that, it just seems like some crazy female activity.

It reminds me of another female shooting: The YouTube HQ shooting. The female jihadi who was mad about YouTube demonetizing her content and supposedly shadowbanning her. She went and registered a gun in San Diego then drove to their offices and wounded three people then killed herself. Another failed shooting attempt if you ask me.

I really am wondering though, why should women have guns, how often do women even protect themselves with a gun. I never see anything about that happening, and men rarely shoot people attacking them either.

Obviously women are emotional, and do not perform well in high pressure situations, and additionally they’re literally crazy. Women are manipulative, lying….I mean I don’t even need to continue, if you’ve interacted with enough women you would know this.

Anyway, this is a boring story considering how lame this shooting was, and this stupid woman’s failed shooting shouldn’t even be given recognition. I just wanted to tell you, women shouldn’t own guns, don’t give your wife, or girlfriend a gun, because they might go shoot up someplace they have a problem with.

By SBGPolitics

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of The SBG Report

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